It's official! China is the largest economy in the world!

Congratulations China, concentrate on trading with other countries not lecturing them on how they should live or be like them. I just love the comments section on that article.


Okay…as a matter of fact their empire ruled the civilized world some time back.

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the kids below are korean!


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Chairman Mao is also dancing in his grave right now. Special mention to Deng Xiaoping the chinese leader who started the modernisation of China in 1978.

to be truthful, i prefer the americans to chinese as the world power. having interracted with the two, chinese are good as business partners, but as world powers they would be merciless bullies taking over everything without mercy.

You just described the usa just plainly.

And Kenya is part of China so, champania must flow

yes, americans are bullies, but believe me, once chinese achieve the power the americans wield today, they are not above bringing in millions of their people and taking over everything from the kiosks upwards. and if you think whites are racists, try the chinese or asians in general

This is the 21st century people are wiser, immigration is also a two way street. Go to Guangzhou and see how African’s have taken up that city considering the millions of Chinese there already. In this world just don’t be lazy to feel the need to see foreigners as a threat. If someone from another land can come to find work in your hood then someone is either lazy or they are just too hard working.

You must be from Mars to think that way. Do you hear China meddling with the mad arabs affairs or any terrorists baying for their blood? If your answer is no go and make me a sandwich. Lastly your outlook that the world needs a superpower to Lord over is plainly veve base banter.

I disagree. if this foreigner already has advantaged over you. i take an example of the video cd business that had boomed some few years back. once the chinese realised how well it was doing, instead of sticking to wholesale, they flooded the cds stores in nairobi. they would have a kenyan front person. now as a kenyan, how do you compete with the manufacturer at retail point? the same has happened with motor cycles etc. you will not find whites doing this. they stick to the wholesale and leave others to make some money at retail.

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i didnt say that the world need an overlord. but fact remain that those with power will yield it over those who dont. google about how the chinese and japanese have harassed other nations like phillipines , taking over their islands. the only reason we dont hear about their harassing arabs etc is because they do not have that power as yet. in a perfect world, everyone would be working together towards progress for all. but you know what we are not in a perfect world. Maybe in mars there is a perfect world you describe? now why dont you go bake me a cake for the education i have given you?

China became the world’s largest economy many years ago, only that the data had not caught up. Why do you think the West has been fretting about China’s policies for so long? The West discovered that China’s projections were not favorable for the West. In the meantime, the West continues to massage India’s ego as the world’s fastest growing economy. Little does India know that they will be in sh!t for a very long time for as long as they continue following the Western economic model.

Then you clearly have no idea of the Uyghurs of Xinjiang province, who are muslims and have been agitating for independence from China by perpetrating terrorist attacks, with the last one happening last year where a knife attack killed 50 including 5 cops.

When your retailing is full of sh!t, the manufacturer has every reason to relieve you of your duties.