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Are you selling Njiru kwa Kirima ama EA Portland cement Land?

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Hello. Hapana. Huko si kwetu. We only sell what is ours. Are you interested in land near those places?

Na maasai wakikujia their community land?

Watakujiaje kama mnaishi na wao na mko na title deeds? Hao ndio neighbors hata.

Buying land nowadays seems to me like a very dangerous affair, what guarantees do you have to ease some of this sentiments?

Doubts are good with these kind of investments as they allow you to do a small research to weed out jokers, or cons. For legitimacy,

  1. You can do your title deed search
  2. You can ask the locals about the land, after the visit
  3. In some of the properties, you can access the land seller who sold to us for more surety
  4. In some of the properties, you can easily meet exisiting buyers, and they can share with you about us
  5. You can always seek help from your personal advisors about whether to proceed with a purchaese after the visit.
  6. Lastly, listen to your needs😊

huko Ithanga in Muranga pia mnauza?

Hapana. After Thika tuko na Makutano (PI) na Mwea Karaba pekee.