It's not the cousin, it's @Hambuega who got the second lower ..a fool so thick, it would be treason for him to procreate country deserves this fo


these things dont mean shit

Second upper in BA= Pass in Engineering!

Dont argue with me!

Did you miss the part where he said he missed school because he was undergoing chemotherapy?


Alafu kesho waende kufanyia mdosi with class seven accolades. Sadness of life:D:D

Failure, you wish

Juvenile fantasies maybe akipata kazi kwa one of those hardwares downtown or bypass

Akiamua kuingia corporate though, there’s no place for academic dwarfs. I don’t know of a serious IT company that was started by a secondary school dropout leave a class 7 bonobo.

Alumni wa Shang Tao media art college wacha maringo

Wacheni kuwa defensive kama mnajua what im saying is a parable. Inauma but itabidi muzoe. Your bosses and leaders are academically challenged,go make money for them na muwache hasira

Hasira gani kichwa kibuyu ya kujitamba chooni

Umeamkia suhur na hasira ,kula pole pole usinyongwe na viazi vitamu…alafu urudi bed njaa isikuue sheikh. Hii ramadhan itabidi ufanyie kaffarah but wewe ni birrionea, feed 60 people

You are so good that you decide to brag online to people who don’t know you neither do they give a fuck as to what you do in real life? Very intelligent. It would interest us more if your mother was being laid by a camel.

You and your second lower fellows can suck my poopsie

Academic dwarfs have a very interesting coping mechanism.