It's not rocket science.

Pay Police officers at the average middle class bracket. That is say around 45-50k for the least paid constable. This is how developed countries have considerably reduced corruption among their police force which directly translates to more revenue collected through fines and other meffi. Hebu jaribu ku bribe a Texas state trooper utalala ndani for a good amount of time.

What do you expect when you pay police sijui 20k and such shit. Most of them Watakuwa wezi sugu. Somehow my old man remits more to his second stay at home wife. Basically a mbitch that stay at home year out and gets ferked once in a while receives more than that. Tafakari hayo.

it is not as simple as u r making it…hiyo 45-50k will be the new 20k

Paying cops more will just increase the minimum bribe they are willing to accept. When the government pays them that 20-30k, they have already considered that the average cop will receive another 30k minimum in bribes. The bribes they take are already priced in their salaries. Some cops never even touch their salaries and survive on bribes. Salaries are pocket change to them.

That’s why I said at the average middle class bracket.

So basically you are calling your mother a mbitch?

Poor pay is no reason to be corrupt. People are corrupt because they know they will get away with it.Ukishikwa ni bahati mbaya. Mtoto akililia wembe na umpe na ikose kumchanja, next time atalilia panga.

Next time you mention my mother I will make it a life mission to find you and you will not like it. This is not a threat but a promise.

I didn’t write it, you did.
Your fathers wife is your mother whether you like it or not.

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I said average middle class pay which is bound to flactuate from time to time condescending malaya wewe

Acha kutisha watu wewe,i dont believe in promises and i look down on people who threaten knowing they cant deliver the threat.Kuna mafia huku nje meffi wewe.hakuna threats ama promises ni actions chini ya waba. grow up son

If he was not so pathetic he would be laughable. He brings his father and his step mother into his argument. Basically bragging how his step mother is paid for sex. Then turns around and decides to get pissed at what he brought here. I will grant the moron this though the threats are indeed laughable.

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