It's Not Possible To Add New Constituencies Before The General Elections

That alone seals the BBi coffin.

BBY was dead before being initiated. Itabaki katika kaburi la sahau

What if that time constraint is used as an excuse to postponed the election.

It’s impossible to add constituencies before the general election…

Even then, it’s even ‘more impossible’ to postpone a general election.

Postponing a general election to add constituencies is akin to ‘planning to pour water on the sun to fight global warming’

Adding even just 5 constituencies is a monumental task. Here you are talking about moving bounderies, editting voters’ register, adding polling stations, Altering CDF allocations. It is simply impossible to do in 13 months. Altering CDF allocations

Democracy demands we have equal representation ie one man one vote one shilling. Democracy can not be tied down by some old laws and timelines. We can’t continue having constituencies with 200k voters while others have only 15k then claim there is no time to right the wrong. Therefore the election can be postponed until we make the playing field level. The law is there to serve man not to enslave him.

Kwani dunia inaisha.tufanye elections then we embark on that later

One man one vote inaeleweka…lakini ukiongeza hio concept ya one shilling mi hupotea.
Kama kuna mtu anaweza ieleza kikamilifu in very simple terms nitashukuru…otherwise kenyan politicians have very shitty rallying calls and the masses are even dumber to follow such.
Ati one man one vote one shilling…hio one shilling ni daily? hourly? Is it taxable? refundable? incase of default? inflation?
One man one vote one shilling…my ass.

You only embark on a league/contest after making sure the playing field is level for all teams. You don’t proceed with a league where some teams are disadvantaged while telling them “Kwani dunia inaisha, tufanye league then we embark on that later”.

The concept is very simple. If the govt is disbursing eg 300 billion each year, each citizen should get an equal share. Therefore if Ruiru has 200,000 voters and kenya has 20m voters Ruiru should get (200,000/20,000,000)x300,000,0000,000 = 3,000,000,000 (3B)

If another constituency has 15,000 voters it should get (15,000/20,000,000)x300,000,0000,000 = 225,000,000 (225M)

In other words devolved funds should be disbursed per capita unlike the current system where sparsely populated areas get the lion share of the devolved funds…

Id prefer disbursement by economic potential…unaweza disburse a huge chunk to an unproductive area forgetting that labour is mobile…umeona thread fulani ya how kenya is sparsely populated? Ive never been to north eastern kenya but based on what i see on some alex chamwada feature program…hio one shilling bit is abit flawed in my opinion.
But i appreciate the explanation.

You have a point. I can’t trust some teams/players pushing for this can sense that they have ulterior politician was rooting for a multichoice kind of voting in the referendum.there are some good and also bad areas

This assumes that citizens’ needs are equal and that the impact said citizens have on the economy i.e ROI is equal. Fundamental flaw.

Should we apply the same to tax where we all pay a uniform cut?