Its my turn to walk the dreaded corridors .......PEP

Of all the possible scenarios, I never imagined my 2022 ending like this!
I have been a relatively careful person in my sexual escapades I never take HIV and STIs for granted. This Christmas period I have been on a drinking spree culminating in the events of yesterday night. Went to a previous local pub and hooked up with a friend of the owner drank ourselves nonsense and returned with her to my place still in faculties. Tried looking for my condoms and couldn’t locate them. Our judgment was poor and we ended up screwing raw both yester night and today morning. Something at the back of my mind was not sitting right with me and suggested to her we go for a test, nervous as she was she accepted I was confident coz i knew my status.
Weuh shock on me msichana wa wenyewe line zimetoka mbili!!! crystal clear as day and night!!! confused trying to make sense of what has just transpired she stood up and just left!!! My instinct told me to follow her coz I thought she would do something stupid like jump infront of a car etc but the chemist told me to let her go!!! The chemist told me come back after 30 minutes he will take care of me. Went back and the package was ready.

I called the lady and told her to go for a comfirmatory test, talk to the sister and activate her support mechanisms she was visibly shaken and she swore she last tested in April and been faithful to the boyfriend until recent break up.


If I make out unscathed am done with this shit…plantation direct .

Pole ndugu

Another one bites the dust
Raw sex ni lower IQ than marrying a singo maths… Lakini kuna fala ingine uku kama wewe inameza izo tembe maybe you can start a support group


Pole Sana brother. Meza hizo tembe to the last one. You might not even be infected if you are curcumcised but as they say, prevention is better than cure.




Moto kama pasi.

Pole sana ndugu. At least you had the sanity to get tested. Meza polepole. Side effects ni kali but utakuwa fiti mwishowe.

Unatense bure…chances of infection through penetrative sex ni less than 1% especially if circumsiced. Kama alikuwa wet poa na hana bruises then uko poa. But be careful next time.

Utakuwa tu sawa elder, nothing to worry about…pole

Elders don’t tell this moron Pole wacheni kukubali vijana wapotee all the wisdom you spew in this kijiji is going to waste

am still processing that outcome

Hii HIV lakini…there should be a database of people with HIV, kabla urarue unaangalia jina yao kwa hiyo database. There was a girl I matched with a couple of weeks ago on tinder tukaanza kuongea, we never got the chance to meet even though she is like 15 minutes from my area. I went back on tinder juzijuzi tu and saw her profile sasa ameweka #HIVPOSITIVE…Wueh!!

This can give you some level comfort…ni 0.08% unless ulikula ye mkia What are the chances of getting HIV?

Those that are positive but don’t know they have it are the most dangerous ones because they don’t take ARVs to supress the viral load.

It’s also fucked up that most women don’t insist on wearing condoms. 9 out of 10 women I meet don’t insist I wear a condom, and I’m usually the one who makes that decision to stay wrapped despite their “niko safe” bullshit.

The good news is, nowadays PEP are very effective, and there is a very high chance, you will come out negative. Unless ulikula mkia bila ama kama alikuwa dry ukapata bruises.

Also, if you’re circumcised, it helps – although women are more likely to get infected because their sex organ is inside their body compared to men.

Wacha pombe