Its Kaunga, not Ugali

Am sitting here sipping my Nile beer in this undisclosed location at the heart of Kampala city.
The weather is humid. Fans everywhere so as to circulate the air…
So am sitting here nikishafisha macho with these banyankole waiters, and other patrons.
All of a sudden, a chick from kenia,( won’t mention from where but you can easily tell with accent) comes in with a dude from UG and she is shouting all over.
Ati: Weee! Ks ks! Waiter! The Lady approached with lots of humility.
Give me the menyu! She yells again.
Menu comes and she browses through.
Weee! Ks ks! She summons the waiter again and says:
I will have fish and ugali!
Damn, I have been here two days only and I already know ugali is called kaunga!
Typical Kenyan ladies.
PS([SIZE=2]niambiwe ile shimo nitatatoa nyoka swafi nikamue)[/SIZE]

As a proud Kenyan I’ll ask for ugali anywhere between Somalia and Malawi. It’s upon them to decode. Fuck cultural sensitivity.
I’m Kenyan therefore superior.

Nigga. Hasira za nini. Story is on a light note. Toa tampons kwanza halafu urudi nikwambie, if you go to Rome…?


Ingia apo Kabalagala anytime from saa nne usiku. Thank me later

Wacha niite taxi.

Kabla huja jiangusha. Uko taxi ni mat. Zinaitwa public hire

I was in Kakira sometimes back and they were surprised to see me order fish and ugali. I came to realise they consider posho a poor man’s meal. Though it was none of my business.

Usikose to kachabali those nyokas

True…Posho, kaunga or ugali is for the poor man, prisoners, boarding students and Kenyans…not neccesarily in that order. @Keffjoinange tafuta @madova akufanyie orienteshen.

They can mix ugali, matooke, sweet potato and cassava and eat it with a stew of their choosing. Lakini I loved the millet/cassava/sorghum ugali they make, it’s called kaloo.

@Keffjoinange niko Kampala on Sato.

Goat Luwombo (big chunks of goat meat cooked with ground nut sauce wrapped in banana leaves) got me high-fiving Jesus and Moses pale Shaka Zulu.

@MBOMB shaka Zulu… and then their fish… and the plenty juice… do you stay their ?

No boss, but I know my way around.

Hehehehe, following. Ngeus Ziko kibao. Confirm your location/residence and might be of help.

Kumbuka kasenge ni chini ya maji raudi hii ama utasemea mbele.
Karibuni jamaa.

Wacha bro, kwani kumeenda aje?

Kabalagala anytime…

You work in a tech firm?