It's Just Too Darn Hot

How the hell do we get highs of 38 fucking degrees in Western. These are Mombasa-esque temps. You might think: “Hang on a minute, now. That’s not too bad.” For a person used to highs of 26 degrees… it’s ferocious. More so for men. If it’s not the uncomfortably sweaty cr… then it’ll be accidentally sitting on your low hanging b… Too much? This is bad and am exhausted.


Such @TerribleWaste of server space

Unataka tukusaidie aje sasa mkubwa

Pole boss

Wish we could switch places…hapa tunaumia na baridi. Negative -6 degrees msee

Italy inakaaje?

Si mbaya just 8 degrees. But I absolutely hate winter…winter cap, gloves, scarf, and boots everyday. Nimechoka hehe


Me too, I hate winter. Nxt month naskia kutakuwa better. Tuvumilie tuu


tafuta kikoi kama ya wariah/ sarong…


Embrace your birthday suit, only way to stay sane.

hii fetish yako ya ma monkey utajipata umenyandua panya siku moja

Nikiingia penthouse yangu ya paipu mimi hukaa uchi hadi asubuhi

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