It's just Annoying........

Chill man, thus is the world welice in now, you can’t understand what goes through people’s minds. That’s why governments find it easy to manipulate society.

…was it a he or a she BTW?

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Mimi niliacha kuingia politics sekshen juu ma mungich huko and their entitlement issues ni too much.


Wazee wa kijiji waanze na sisi tufuate

And you can’t help making a political statement yourself maskman?

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The diversity is what makes this kijiji tick.
Isikuwe kama wazua kila mtu ni too serious


The most annoying thing about KTalk is I look around and see that there are sijui 270 people online but hakuna ata moja ameanza thread in the last hour???

Talk about entitlement!
Hii si gazeti ati there are columnists and reporters here to entertain you!..

If you don’t have the balls to write anything anonymously then you should shut the fuck up and accept things the way they are!

Siyo kuja hapa criticising other people who tried!!!

Write anything!, Kwani how boring is the 270 people’s lives that just snoop around with their noses held up high?.. Eagerly making critical comments but never starting threads…

Bure kabisa!!!

Nione kamoja… Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!..


Niaje Mrs waweru kujia guarana .

Bi polar manifestation at its best


Enda ukafagie hiyo man cave yako jinga hii.
Naskia iko na vumbi mpaka mende zinakusengenya… Kikikikkkk…

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where are the south africans with today’s bets?

kuja shoti mbili

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I rather the madness of this village coz people here keep it real unlike wazua ghai. They remind me of the fake, uptight, mido crass Nairobi pricks. Hehe


Zidini kuongelea wazua hivyo niwaitie aeMathenge


Stuck-up is the word

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Tell him he is needed in KTalk ASAP.

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Yes yes. Huko they talk bigly things like stocks and birrionaire investments using the Queen’s language. Apan tambua osungu.dll wala peasantry. Pricks! :D:D

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Yep too uptight. I had a handle there then I forgot the password. I tried to contact even the admean wa huko but he is also as stuck up as they can get. Middle finger to wazua

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