It's irritating & irrelevant..

I find it interesting that you have to log in to see a pic in this chieth slum … Videos are not viewable nor downloadable to start with…Beats logic since some of us use browsers with ads block on (I use either brave or mozzila lite)… Some people never learn and reason some of us moved on and deactivated ads and stopped posting or commenting … Most photos we posted here some years back are long gone…Most active people here were kicked out and accounts banned… I was one of them… One day I asked myself what do I gain out of this and realized I use my time and data to just validate someone’s ego not forgetting the self entitledment mentality… Anyway kila nyani na starehe zake… Adios!

How does one delete an account on this shitty site? I’m also done with it

@administrator kuja kiasi

Photos and videos from the past I think hazionekani juu admin hataki kujaza server


You don’t need to delete your account, you just fvck off and go.

Kwa nini kuna adverts katikati ya page?

times are hard,
wacha Admin anukishee kitunguu

Hamtaki Admin apate ya kununulia watoto uji?