It's International Women's Day

On this day I’d like to celebrate:
[li]My mum, sis, wife and other female relatives[/li][li]The prostitutes who brave the cold every night to ensure that whenever we want to get some we just need to spend some.[/li][li]Vera Sidika (original name Mildred Mukhwana) for that ass. Oh that ass! What I’d do with Vera Sidika[/li][li]Other socialites for giving us shit to talk about on social media as we fantasize.[/li][li]Anne Waiguru for keeping the prezzy happy (and sane).[/li][li]The aesthetically pleasing female TV anchors for making us watch the news without listening much.[/li][li]Farida Karoney for keeping WSR happy.[/li][li]The chics that we ‘chips funga’ after clubbing.[/li][li]@uwesmake’s chic for being very generous (hii kitu si sabuni ya kuisha).[/li][li]@GeorginaMakena my soon to be Merian side dish.[/li][/ol]

  1. I forgot to add Mrs. Munene for tishing me Engrish in crass thlee.