It's going to be bad

I was in Naivasha yesterday and I can tell you that almost all the rivers have dried up. Now that you’ve voted in leaders who care little about water catchment areas, expect food prices to increase steadily over the next two years…

bonobo ni kuharibu mazingira na kulaumu viongozi

It’s time subsistence farmers adopted new ways and converted their small farms to actual food production businesses. It’s now or never.

Chief botanist alisema apewe 300 days. Turijua kupunich uyo ouru.

Ten years of Riggy G na Ruto and Kenya will become semi arid. They have also removed all subsidies hadi za token so jua ni kubaya…

our country is 80% arid ,kenyans are just too ignorant of that fact

On my way to malaa, I noticed, river athi imekauka.

December iyo short rains isipokuja we will be in deep shit

did nabiii factor in that when he talks of agriculture?

the only silver bullet he still has is hustlers fund,when it will face challenges…kwisha.

but he should not despair,hustlers dont care,they will vote him again and suffer more

Huku Western Gorogoro ya mahindi ni 200 na sahizi tuko Harvest season bado hatuja fika njaanuray. By next year February gorogoro itakuwa 300, 2kg unga itakuwa 315.

It’s supposed to be raining now, Sept-Nov) not Dec, and so far it’s all gloom. We are going to destination fvcked!!!

are you a fan of that Australian dude huko MKZ?


Hope you’ve done it already?

cost of ferrying maize from namanga/malaba to nairo continues to increase as cost of bribe/fuel/food/bushes/tirerods/coolant goes up.

It’s high time we abandon stone age rain fed agriculture. I know we are lazy but Wacha upungufu wa mvua utufinyie ukutani visasawa hadi tuanze kufikiria nche ya boxi.

Athi river is also suffering from Hyacinth at higher latitude

Watu mpande miti kama Sisi watu wa nyahururu cownty.

Home ni 240 already na still rising.
Halafu theft ya fmcg’s iko mbaya sana…most of it going to uganda and tz.
Leo nime enda soko kubuy potatoes…debe imepanda from 600 to 800 and potatoes are small and soft…ile unge peel 1 huge waru sasa utapeel 5 or 6 small ones to get the same amount.
Its kubaya wadau.