tosa gari

Opera music kidogo, Andrew de Leon_O mio Babino Caro. Playing on repeat

Gregory Vs Barrington


Yangu ni huyu…kwa sasa…twende

Mine is old school rock and roll music with a little bit of jazz. I highly recommend you look for a song called A kiss to build a dream on by Louis Armstrong

@Mundu Mulosi letea hawa mayounglings playlist ya wazee Friday rogaroga…

tune inn trigger ch 188 dstv malatenyt.bluballerz na twerkers xplicit

@Liberty and other Cathos…

What stops you from playing your list? why do you always call on others?

@kush yule mnono

Ebu come elsewhere Hun. @ Sis Purple won’t see.

Some Beatles.

Asante sana my dear.

One more for you Liberty…it is Humbly we Adore thee Christ Reedemer King …

Amused how do you feel holding so many handles?