Its Decmber.....

there is something weird about this month hakuna dame hunyima mtu puthy…its the month i always eat everything nimekuwa nikitamani from all social sites. Happy feasting for everyone.

Kasonge kusonga

Nvchieths all over

Chunga ukimwi

its all because you save for DECEMBER. “lanyes”, “fare to upcountry”, binge drinking, etc, amongst other things your folks consider ceremonial. Arrange yourself well (jipange) and you will have the fair supply of girls all year round. Dec is only unusual for those who treat it as a special month, its a month like any other. I would imagine that January is the real time that puthy is in oversupply as the carriers seek to make ends meet and recover financially from the overindulgence of Dec. a man that can comfortably settle his bills in the bar, drive daily, provide for family throughout January is the man every woman will want to remove pants for, if they spot him. I have scored what would be counted as an otherwise high-end pussy (fine banker) in January, effortlessly, coz she knew I could ‘walk her’ through time. I fucked her severally but chickened out when I realised we were sharing with her branch manager.