Its coming home... Uhuru delivering on promise? Link road V Outer ring road

After research kidogo nimekuja prepared
@Mrs Shosho has a bunch of plots pale ruaka
Mrs Shosho now learns that the Western bypass and Link roads are about to land karibu na her ruaka properties very soon (less than 5 years)

Kirubui and mt.kenya elite must have goobled somebodys balls for this to happen
Barabara mbili? Zote 2*2 alafu Northern bypass is scheduled for dualing? Chesus!
Alafu the link road isnt some shitty outering road inaenda kuishia allsops. This one goes Arr the way to Nrthrn bypass.

As a smart investor Mrs.Shosho has do to her own calculations and not get excited
Could be a trojan horse… who knows. Hesabu lazma ifanywe
Nimeona documentaries za Asians so lazma tukue chonjo
Is this new road a good thing or a bad thing?

PS: i have been DM’n engineer @spear nikama tulimwacha 2018. So its up to us gazetti readers