Its Been a Long week!.. nianze na gani?...

Guinness “Foreign Extra” ama my drink of Choice -Smirnoff Vodka?
Been working all week and Sober and i have a day or two to spare… Nataka kulewa!!..



Its time to celebrate brexit
Anza na GK malizia na vodka

Tumia Guiness. Wacha makali.

Kunywa zote kwani iko nene you should celebrate knocking up the 25 year old and Brexit with zest

:D:D:D:D Drink to more child support deductions eeh?

exactly, our very own Jacob Zuma in the UK :D:D But at least Kabuda is as real as they come, some of us Political Correctness will be our bane.

hope u good our Maori sisto though

thirst is real kamata vitu. life is no rehearsal.

Haki enyewe sikuwa najua bado spambo zangu zinaweza jaza manzi at this age!..
Faq it!..
The Comedy of it is that naskia aibu kuruka ball at my age!
Na there is a good chance si ya mine!..
Anyway,hiki kimanzi hakijui who she is dealing with;… DNA kit iko kejani as we speak… kikikikkiiii…

I thought it was written that Man was made to Suffer and Woman to Feel the Pain?

I can`t think of a better way of spending my hard earned cash other than on my Kids.
(well; apart from drinking and womanising… kikikikiii…)

Enjoy wamaitu. You aren’t guaranteed of long life.

Another single matha in your making. May God deal with you accordingly…

Sasa @Nefertities !
Dont you worry about me and my god!.. Im more worried about you and your hormones; you horny attention seeking woman.
In a perfect world,you should have atleast 3 of my kids and expecting… kikikiki…
Bahati yako is that i am far away but i like Nothing better than shagging women like you just for “sport”…

@Jennifer ,will you be my next Baby-momma?

Do you know your HIV status? And don’t lie.

Not even in my dreams.

Answer this first @Ka-Buda

I am Positively Negative!..
Thats what they told my latest Babymomma when we went for her First Pre-Natal check Anyway!..kikikikii…
I dont think i would be positive if she wasnt ; Do you?!..

Ati “Not even in my dreams”…
If i had a penny for the number of times women said that and then proceeded to shag me i would be a KTalk Birrionare…

Desperate mamas.

“desperation” is a relative term and if your Avator is Anything to go by; then that woman looks more than Desperate for Attention.

Saying that;… i think i am Desperate for you @Jennifer

With popcorns watching live wrestlemenia btwn @Ka-Buda and @Jennier…whoever wins will be added to the telegram by ref anko @uwesmake