It's a woman's world. Sindio makena

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100% true

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Ndio Kwa maana @applebee100 is trying to compensate on his shortcomings. Amenyimwa kunyenye america yote


The woman clearly gave examples of men that get fucked: factory workers, plumbers etc. AppleBee made his money from a tech startup IPO, and later joined a hedge fund in NYC. If I ever find myself infront of a family court judge, I’ll charter a private jet to Embubout forest and fly into the sunset never to be seen again. I’ll just activate operation rudi nyumbani and go retire in Naro Moru with 50 horses. Naanzisha polo club na maisha inaendelea bila stress. 15 years later when the child is 18 some lawyer from Simpson Thacher & Bartlett visits the mum and gives the kid access to his trust fund. Hakuna kelele mingi.


Applebee niki land next time hizo ma area hapo ma november, I will look for you unichanue, I start earning the dollars.

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Toa hekaya.

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@TrumanCapote do you remember us having this discussion, as it relates to black men and custody? Now hear it from a white mzungu. A woman too.

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Wewe @applebee100 you try to hard to appear rich. A rich man doesn’t have to sell himself. Chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza.


Ati men need help? which help? Dont make me scoff…

Men can not have custody unless the mom is completely incapacitated. What do men know about kids anyway? Let those who carried them for nine months and went to the gates of death to give children life take care of them because theyre the only ones who understand the value of a child because they paid the price from the first second.

I dont know why some men can never understand why a mother is always more valuable to a child’s upbringing. Ofcourse there are women who deviate but those are outliers.

I hope you watched the video. It’s about women using the system, during custody disputes.

If you almost died giving someone life then you can use anything to get custody of your child . Nothing wrong about that.

Yes but you can use the system to get full custody, just to spite the man. I don’t have a problem with a woman keeping the child even majority of the time. In fact most men don’t. But women can use the system to get full custody very easily.

*Remember the argument we had is why a child was abused and the man didn’t know. Well one reason is he possibly had no custody. Just like the lady said above, she lies to the court, kidogo you are only allowed to see your child for 1 hour every week or two. And you are given that child in a public park or police station. Surely how do you know what’s happening in the child’s residence.

So what is wrong with a woman getting full custody? You want the mom to do all the work and you you get the child a few times here and there so that you are the good guy who spoils the child as the mother is the bad guy who has to discipline the kid and do the dirty work while the man is single childfree most of the time.Men are full of shit,if you love your child so much request for full custody so that the mother can have her nice time to date and bring men to her house as you do the daily maintenance of the child. Judges know its women who raise children. Men know it too ,they dont want to do the hard work, they want the woman to be a fu ll time mother while the man is some kind of Santa Claus - if you insist on spending large enough amounts of time with your kids as would a custodial parent you’d know if something is wrong. They just want to have their cake and eat it. If you want the child so bad file for full custody anything less you have no right to dictate how often you see those kids.

The story of the guy whose daughter died after being raped by her mother’s drug dealer,knew that the mother had a drug problem and he still chose to give her custodial rights because he didnt want the hustle of raising his own daughter who he wasnt even the one who was raising her it was his female relatives.

That wasn’t the argument ( that a woman shouldn’t get full custody). Your argument was that Black men are uninvolved in their children’s lives once they separate.

And I couldn’t get a point across to you as to the reasons for such. Until I found this video. The woman sums it all. The system separates the family. Especially for Black people.

You don’t give custodial rights, the courts do. I repeat, neither parents give custodial rights. That’s a court process. Your argument that the dad gave rights to a drug using mom will not apply here because, all the mother did is say she wants the child, and the courts gave it to her. That’s the gist of the video by the white woman. Men( especially Black men) have zero power in court. They will not listen to a Black man’s argument. Even if he tried to say she uses drugs, they would ask him to prove it. Which means more court expenses for him.

And it’s very often that a parent has rights but it’s relatives who do the raising. That’s very common. It’s even legal. A child being raised by a grandparent is no bigdeal. It’s a common occurrence. And many times it’s ideal for both parties.

Wah @TrumanCapote? Are we even having the same conversation? At least read what I have written. We are on different wavelengths. You are responding to points I haven’t written or implied…

What do you expect from the courts? To handle you with baby gloves? First off, the court knows that black men are irresponsible and mostly criminals in US so do you expect for example a white judge to give a black man custody of a small child?

My friend, a court is not your mother. A court will rule as per the judge’s discreation and his/her assesment of the situation. Many times the rulings made end badly for example some moms with drug problems ended up losing their kids to the system, while those kids were adopted or fostered, the forster/adoptive parents end up murdering the child. A judge isnt omniscient, the judge sees a couple who may have adopted or fostered other kids and are taking care of their own kids and think that is a better home. Shock on them a few months later that child is murdered. Let me post two such stories

Mambo ni mawili, take care of your kids so you dont lose custody to strangers, hold on to your marriage so you dont lose custody. The court isnt babying anyone it’ll give its verdict because either you failed as a parent or your marriage failed. The system is there to show other people like you what can happen to their kids if they mess up and get divorced or are caught drunk with kids.Dont nobody care about your kids or you, theyre just punching the clock like everyone else and they view you people as failures who cant be in control of their lives and need strangers to tell you what to do.

Exactly, so you understand how the women tilt the courts to keep black men away from their kids. That’s the argument. That’s the gist of the video. Please watch it, it doesn’t require a lot of bundles.

Married people with children problems dont affect me. I dont want to have to imagine how you can have children with someone then you are now fighting over the child tooth and nail like you have never seen each other naked. I dont have a bundles issue remember that Sakayo gave us free wifi. LOL.

You refuse to see my point, if you are going to get married and to have children without involving strangers then you should be able to hold on to the marriage and hence the custody issue. How is it that when we grew up nobody got divorced and so nobody had to be raised in separate households and go to court to see or live with their kids?

Black men are irresponsible and theyre less than 20% of the general population but 65% of the prison population, who in their right mind will give black men custody? Would you give such people who desert their kids 72% of the time custody? Think about how a white judge would see a black man trying to get custody , Im black and I wouldnt.

Everybody who is getting divorced has tried to save the marriage. It’s usually due to irreconcilable differences. Our forefathers divorced by getting another wife, polygamy. Since nobody wanted a previously married woman, she stuck around the household as a co-wife. In all polygamous marriages, there was one side that was dead.

Marriage is about putting up with each others weaknesses for a common goal. If you ever lived with someone past 3 months, you will see a side of them that you never imagined. Even before you marry. Some you can put up with, some you can’t. That’s what causes divorce. It’s there in every human. It’s human nature. Some things about our self’s we don’t know. Not applying to you directly, but if you ever see someone not married, it’s because they can’t find someone to put up with their bullshit.

You can divorce amicably(rare) or through courts. Even when you both agree the marriage is irretrievably broken but can’t see eye to eye on the separation of duties or assets. With courts come with custodial rulings. There’s no way around this. You can’t stay married just to avoid courts.

Men can stay married if the woman is too expensive to divorce eg Will Smith.