It's a very natural thing for a MAN to be armed.

Though in Kenya this right is only granted to the few rich. How I love it when the good man has a chance to defend his life and that of his family.

walienda kuibia john wick

Probably they were very poor in handling the AK 47.

Most of them hire them just as an intimidating tactic. No idea how to properly use them. Reason why police marksmen finish them off quite easy

ukiona wezi na gun 10metres away just run …chances are they cant aim…or they don’t want to waste bullets…or attract attention

The drafters of our constitution made a serious omission; the right to bear arms. All level headed men ought to be armed by the state.

Actually you’re right, its is very difficult to hit a moving target. But then again they rely on the element of surprise, and thus it becomes very hard to run once cornered especially for an untrained civillian.

they didnt , the right to protection iko hapo ndani

Protection serikali inapeana ni free condoms tu

With our corruption and weak institutions it would be worse because you would have drunk ppl settling beefs by shooting each other in clubs, road rage ego maniacs shooting at each other etc knowing fully well no one will arrest and successfully persecute them as long as wanatoa kakitu.

You agree that what you have described is as a result of arrestable variables and not firearm ownership per se? I for one am a level headed individual. Rarely drinks and don’t let road rage get to me. Why should my family and I together with our property be in mortal danger just coz non of us is armed to neutralize threats when we can?

Infact any adult in Kenya can be a firearm holder provided u follow the prerequisites and the (intentional beauracracy) involved. It’s only that this shait is never publicised for fear of mass public armament (probably).

Visit your area OCS tomorrow and start the process of applying for the firearm,its within your rights. All the best sir

Unfortunately there are many ppl who are not as responsible as you. But in Kenya you have a right to own a fire arm as long as you follow proceedure. What I was alluding to was that Kenya should not be like USA when it comes to fire arm access.