It's a Happy Ending for Police Hoe Who Was Sleeping with Coworkers!

NEW: Former Tennessee police officer who went wild with six officers on the job has settled her lawsuit for $500,000.

Maegan Hall says she was “s*xually groomed” by male police officers & sued the city of La Vergne.

Hall allegedly hooked up with multiple colleagues, performed oral s*x on two officers on the job, had a threesome with an officer and his wife and much more.

Hall blamed her s*xual actions on her troubled marriage and the police department.

“Maegan wasn’t looked at like a rookie cop to be trained and promoted. She was looked at like a piece of meat to be sexualized and exploited,” her lawyer Wesley Clark said.

“The La Vergne Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to authorize the mayor to sign a settlement agreement between the City of La Vergne and former police officer Maegan Hall,” a statement from the city said.

“The City’s insurance provider will pay the sum of $500,000 to Hall as a gross settlement, which includes court costs, attorneys fees, and expenses.”