Its a fact Africa is splitting into two

One side of Kenya will likely go with the horn of Africa to become a different continent in the future while the rest will remain with the other East Africa countries.
If i was to be there during those years I better remain than join the new island which shall be controlled by Somalis and Arabs.

so Nairobi tutakuwa na beach front?


You mean a waterfront …

After ten million years

Kamoo eti what?

After ten million yrs ndio itafanyika

This fault line starts from the red sea through Ethiopian, Kenya, Tanzania to Malawi. Eastern bantus and cushites will have a brand new continent leaving watu wa maandamano kuandamana to eternity.

Afadhali watu wa jakuon waende huko Kwa mcooshite

And you will be around ehhhh ? Homosexuals don’t reincarnate

As long as i won’t be in the same side with Ruto and his hustler lamebrains I will be ok.