Italy's Toll Keeps Climbing. Fri-Sat Had 250 Deaths/24Hour. Sat-Sun 368 Deaths/24 Hours

Italy on Sunday reported 368 new deaths from the coronavirus outbreak as the country’s death toll hit 1,809 while the number of positive cases rose to 24,747 from 21,157 on Saturday, the country’s civil protection authority said.
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Scenes like these are like rehearsals. Its what we are going to witness in Africa in the next 2 weeks.
Unfortunately we do not have the resources.
Iko Sida.

There 35 Italians tourists who have refused to leave Addis Ababa because their home country is going to hell. This is too funny.


Why are US figures not being readily available?
As leaders of the free world, I should be expecting them to be releasing updated figures every now and then but it isn’t happening.
Are they afraid of panicking their citizens and the way their top political leadership were gleeful when the thing started ravaging China?

This thing will eradicate at least 10 million people globally. Stay safe kneegers

Italy has a large number of elderly people, something like 60% of the population if I’m not wrong. This virus is going to purge old people in Europe and Asia like nobody’s business.

Italians are some of the most useless racist phuckers

Sasa wakufe?

Weka link nisome hata mimi nicheke

Italians waliambiwa waende nyumbani and self quarantine instead they went to beaches, clubs and restaurants and had a good time saa hii wanalia. U.S has been warned lakini ni kama Trump hataki kukubali ukweli wanapatiwa till the end of next week waanze kulia pia

i also pity Japan which has a high number of elderly population…

Hapa kenya itaanza ni ile kijiji ya wazae.
Tayari @FieldMarshal CouchP anasema ako na homa.

Below is from CNN front page ama unataka wakutumie kwa email ndio ujue the data is public?



To think they opted to be evacuated to Italy from Kenya just 2 weeks ago is crazy. An empty plane came from Italy to evacuate the Italians from Kenya

Kuwa mpole unaeza kufa mbele yangu.

Yeah where are the monkey chants now…corona hapna tmbua racists imebaki those blacks hujipendekeza kwa whites.

Italy wamewezwa…but some how, nature has a way of balancing itself regardless through which means

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]I hope mnachat hapa kama mume ji quarantine. stay safe my friends hii kitu inafieka kufieka.