Italy's No Longer the Source of Corona News

The US is the new kid on the block. Even our local coronavirus correspondent @hakimoto has switched to bringing us US figures, after weeks of updates on the Italian situation. What does that tell you? The media manipulates us by cherry picking on what news to offer us. Even though the US has suffered over 20,000 deaths, it’s still 71 per million, while Spain has so far recorded 386 per million. Even though only 36 people have died in San Marino, a very tiny country, the figure represents a whopping 1061 per million, the highest such figure.

So why has the world stopped focusing on Italy? Why aren’t we hearing more about San Marino or Spain? Because the USA is a juicier scoop. The media is milking this COVID-19 “crisis” for all its worth. I don’t watch TV, but I’ve noticed that people who do have a bigger sense of impending doom when talking about this pandemic. They wash hands 5,000 times. They sanitize 25,000 times per day. They have panic attacks when someone coughs near them.

The media has heightened their paranoia. It’s okay to be informed, but when you get all your information from one source, you’re fucked mentally. Meanwhile, @Electronics4u, @D… Mungai, @othello and other prophets of doom, we’re still waiting for the proverbial “two more weeks” to elapse, when we’ll be soo overwhelmed by dead bodies everywhere that we’ll have to use caterpillars to clear them.

As musito John Mayer says, “When you trust your television, what you get is what you got, cause when they own the information they can bend it all they want.”

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China has killed more Americans than Iraq,Afghanistan,alqaeda, Taliban combined . Tafakari hayo.

Napita tu:D:D:D:D

“When it bleeds it leads” slogan for the media

#CaptainObviousExposed :D:D:D

Unacheka nini?

Kwani master wenu alitype meffi emojis mpaka akapata heart attack? Nashuku doktari pale Mathare ilibidi amdunge propofol ndio alale. Jana hiyo makasiriko haikua ya kawaida. :D:D:D

Bill gates and cahoots are working overtime to show this virus is killing even though on the ground is diffirenty.
take for example @hakimoto is tirelessly working for free and his safaricon bundles for bill gates

We will pounce again unawares. Wewe jibambe tu for now

US can’t fake it any more!
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