Italy vs Belgium, Belgium is going home

All the Italian players are on form , the Belgians aces Eden and KDB are nursing injuries, unless Lukaku akuwe 100% sioni hopes.

Italy 2— Belgium 1

Live from Europe @hakimoto

Umbwa swaraaaaaaaaaa

Swara iko?

Hazard mdogo ako nga’ng’ari

Barella iko kitu.

Lungwete has never scored when chiellini and bonucci are playing together.

Great game wadau.
Excellent football.

Lorenzo isigne muooooootooo kama pasi. The golden generation is going home.


The curse is lifted


Game on

Lukaku !

navy seal on track


Lukaku chieth how can he miss a sitter. Meffi yeye

…and anaza.
He is the Swara


Ubelgiji out.