Italy passes Punguza Mzigo. MCAs are our enemy

[SIZE=7]Italian MPs vote to slash number of seats in parliament and senate[/SIZE]

Italian MPs have voted to drastically reduce the number of seats in its parliament and senate.
The reform was backed by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and was voted by all the main parties on Tuesday.
It could have a lasting impact on the country’s political landscape and popular representation in parliament.
In the Italian parliament lower house, the number of seats will be reduced from 650 to 400, while the Senate will see its seats reduced from 315 to 200.
M5S, which introduced the reform and has pledged to tackle wasteful spending since its foundation, has said that this reform will help save at least €1 million each year.
The party has been ruling since August in a coalition with the center-left Democrats.
“For the first time we have seen lawmakers cutting their own seats,” said M5S leader Luigi Di Maio.
Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte hailed the decision as “a historic day for Italy”.
Critics of the reform have warned that cutting the chambers’ size could end up hindering democratic representation. A referendum could possibly be organised on the issue.
The reform is set to be implemented after the next scheduled elections in 2023.
“The savings brought by these reforms will be negligible”, Cecilia Sottilotta, assistant professor of International Relations at Rome’s American University, told Euronews. She noted that the current costs to operate the parliament’s lower house only are €900 million.
“If these savings, in the larger picture, are irrelevant but go to have an impact on political representation in the country then that’s a problem”, she said.
The real motivation behind this move, she said, is promoting the Five Star Movement. “They desperately need to show to their electorate that they are delivering on something.”
Italy has one of the highest numbers of parliamentary seats in Europe. It’s not the highest, though: the UK holds the crown with 1427 seats (including the House of Commons and the House of Lords), while Luxembourg counts the least, with only 60 seats.
Italy’s overall debt stands at around 130% of its annual GDP. Only Greece’s debt burden is higher among the 19 European Union countries that use the euro currency.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]While wealthy Italy sees the wisdom of reducing the number of lawmakers to save money Kenya is rejecting the only proposal meant to save us money by reducing politicians.
But Punguza Mzigo is being rejected by MCAs who are not speaking for Kenyan voters.
BBI ni upuzi

Kenyan voters are their own worst enemy. End of.

The smaller the government is the easier it is to sit on the people. Thats why gov cannot oppose such moves

Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine your boss does a punguza mzigo in the company you work for, Where your department will be eliminated. Would you vote for it even if it will save the company millions of shillings?


The Italians just did it. It’s called putting your nation ahead on your needs.

But you voted for a drunken thief to punish a lying conman. Which nation did you put ahead of your needs in 2017?

And you support Ruto. So which nation is this you’re putting ahead of your needs in 2022

DT is not an angel and got elected because he is better than that witch
If you understand politics you will know that an alcoholic is better than a mchawi. So Kenyans did not make a mistake in voting the way we did. There was no better option.
Even if the election was repeated right now with the same candidates the same results will be repeated


Mlevi has run the nation into a pit of debt that has never been seen before. He found a thriving economy that was ready for the next leap forward and in 6 years flat, has managed to run our beloved country into the ground just to keep his family’s rotten business afloat. Do you actually have any love for this country and do you have any kids? If you do have kids, I feel sorry for them, I really and honestly do.

I understand politics. I also understand what superstition, stupidity and hypocrisy looks like.

Just to be clear is there any empirical proof or substantial evidence that Raila is a witchdoctor? or is this the same brand of foolishness that saw Kiambu residents throw out an arrogant drug dealer and replace him with a semi-literate thug who has robbed the county dry?

Not that I’m one of Raila’s supporters btw. I actually despise the guy.

Rampaging and uncontrolled corruption, an empty Treasury, punitive taxation, skyrocketing poverty and an economy on the brink of collapse. LMAO:D:D:D:D:D

No mistake indeed. :wink:

8 candidates on the ballot box. Not one, not two, not three not four. EIGHT. Yet you desperately impoverished lot were actually stupid enough to narrow it to two inherently corrupt candidates who are now best of friends as they always had been. :D:D:D:D:D:D

What is the point of posting a thread like this when the people you support are in favour of robbing Kenyan taxpayers into poverty? Seriously. Yaani huwezi kujiheshimu ata kidogo?

No sane person in the world trusts an alcoholic with any serious decisions. Apart from Jubilee and its idiot supporters. Now here they are crying about how bad things are getting without the faintest hint of irony or self awareness about their self-inflicted misfortunes.

Anyway Tano Tena, Kumi fresh. Keep the spirit of wrecking the nation to punish an alleged witchcraft practitioner. It’ll be hilarious to see him join defect to Ruto’s camp and leave silly peasants wallowing in agony as their livelihoods are destroyed by more economic mismanagement.

It’s fair game to call him mchawi because you call Uhuru mlevi and Ruto mwizi.
Kenyans have rejected mchawi over and over and over.
You don’t know politics if you think that Raila is better than Uhuru. He has been continuously rejected because he is known. And even in 2022 if he is on the ballot William Ruto will win by 8am because nobody wants to be ruled by Raila.

All of this has evidence. Where is yours?

Rigged out in 2007. Otherwise Kibaki would have had a majority seat in Parliament and wouldn’t have had the need to swear himself in at midnight in the most secure location in Kenya.

Anyway I don’t get why you persistently come on here to chest thump about land rights and whinge about govt. wastage/punguza mizigo when you openly support the biggest beneficiaries of land injustice in Kenya who also are the biggest wasters/thieves of Kenyan tax funds ie Uhuruto.

Either you’re a complete hypocrite or you’re completely naive or being wilfully silly. It’s hard to tell.

Complain if you must, it’s your right. But do so knowing you and many others are the authors of their respective troubles.

Have a good weekend :slight_smile:

Raila supporters are a funny lot. You want to throw shade but can’t take it when you get the same.
The guy was very close to William Ruto and if Ruto says he goes to wachawi I will not doubt it.

And like I said, Uhuru even on his worst day is better than Raila. Right now the economy is growing at 6% even though it is not evenly spread out. We know that Raila would have had zero growth because he is bad for the economy.

And we in Jubilee realise there are things that can be done to improve things. You call it whining, we call it constructive criticism.

Don’t feel bad that we continuously reject that mchawi. Even 2022 he’s due for another rejection
Oh and have a good weekend too

Sasa unataka kulia?:D:D:D

I’m not a Raila supporter. Didn’t I say this before? Or can’t you read?:smiley:

Ruto also said that the SGR would break even by the end of this year, that every kid in primary school would get a free laptop, that 5 new stadiums would be built in 2013 among a whole host of other things.

The man is a bigger liar than Raila. Only you’re too dim to notice.

Lol. So why is the World Bank warming that Kenya is drifting towards debt distress as your beloved Jubilidiot MPs are raising more unsustainable debt?

World Bank warns Kenya over $85.7b debt ceiling - The East African

Btw where’s that SGR Contract that Muthamaki told us he was releasing? Or is that another weak lie that you fell for?:stuck_out_tongue:

You posted this thread about punguza mizigo yet your darling, dying party is actually against it. Huoni aibu?

Good. The less corrupt politicians in the nation the better. Just please don’t come here to complain about how Ruto is ruining the economy.

Then don’t mind if I call him mchawi. Ama you have feelings for him?

:D:D you don’t know what you’re talking about here

By all means.

Amnesia. The refuge of the lost argument

Find time to read the reports by IMF about the economic growth. They’re free of charge

Nah you want Jubilee supporters to wish they had the mchawi. Reverse psychology didn’t work in the run-up to 2017 elections and will not work in the future. Mchawi is no good. Complete reject

Actually I wish they’d voted for Aukot like I did;).

Reverse psychology can’t work on the brainless