Italy Hits A Record With 250 Corona Deaths in One Day
EU is officially the new epicenter according to WHO

Italian officials said 250 people have died from the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, marking a record number of deaths from the illness within such a timespan.
The Italian Civil Protection Agency reported the increase Friday, which raised the country’s death toll from coronavirus to 1,266 people, The spike in cases has shifted the focus on the outbreak from China to Europe.
“More cases are now being reported every day [in Europe] than were being reported by China at the height of its epidemic,” World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. He also called the reported 5,000 deaths worldwide a “tragic milestone.”

China is hiding their shit, I think they are dying in numbers.

In china, bodies are being taken for cremation with a tag that the persons died of unknown reasons. That’s how bad it is

Hii kitu itamaliza EU just like in 1918. EU populations are mostly old people same with Japan

The African bonobos will remain to dominate the world

Kuna a YouTube video niliona where a nigerian in Italy alikuwa kwa foreign office pleading for his visa to be extended but hao Italians walikuwa wanamringia. He told them that one day tables shall turn. You will come to Africa begging for visas and we will treat u the same way.

EDIT: Uganda just deported 20 Europeans who refused to go on quarantine for 20 days. Tables have turned my G

Leta update za Arteta anaendelea aje. Ako hospitali gani nitume success card ya get well soon,maua na matunda.

“Thanks for your words and support.Feeling better already.We’re all facing a huge & unprecedented challenge.Everyone’s health is all that matters right now.Protect each other by following the guidelines & we’ll come through this together.Well done PL for making the right decisions” ~ Arteta

In China, citizens exist as a number. Too many people.

Extraterrestrial aliens are draining the swamp

tuwafunge na polythene na tuwarudishe kwao kama vile walifanyia ule msee

Tomba italians:D

This thing will not spread in Sub Sahara due to our Antiviral Climate. Europe na Asia wako almost end of Winter, very good breeding ground for Corona family of viruses. Africa is Paradise

no problem.
the massa ako anaunda afro centric virus ikuje itutengeneze sawasawa

China is very medically advanced and has a much higher doctor/nurse to patient ratio.

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