Italy: 919 dead last 24hrs


Nazis dying by the droves. LMAO

Nazis in Italy?

The Nazis that regularly racially abuse African footballers. Yes

Mussolini was a friend of Hitler.


Weee soon itafika rate ya a person dying every minute!

Grim Reaper kwani alipewa order kubwa aje hii mwaka

5909 new cases and 919 new deaths in Italy. Highest number of new deaths since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy . 46 doctors have died to date (with 4 additional deaths today). 6414 health workers have tested positive.


That’s really sad. It’s a horrible time to be a health care worker.

The souls of blackmen on the floor of the Mediterranean are calling out to jah… Nimeona murica wanasema ukiwa health worker kutoka vumbistan willing to go help your visa is already approved!

Don’t gloat over others misfortunes… especially death.
Covid-19, Africa version is just starting out and we don’t know how it will turn out!

No doubt about that. Instead of gloating, prepare and pray very hard the pestilence doesn’t come near you or your loved ones.

If we die we die…me included not celebrating but just calling out the bulshit of fellow africans feeling sympathy on italy when our very own have been Perishing on malaria, cattle rustling etc

Heard some whites saying that Africa will be worse. They will suprised when our numbers are low or create some bullshit that we’re lying.

We are not better than them in three weeks time Kenya itakuwa ni kilio.

The majority of people dying of Covid are those with weak immune systems - the old or those with existing conditions.
Italy has an ageing population and majority of the dead are senior citizens.
This Covid shouldn’t alarm you.

We are all terminally ill. Wewe hii kitu ikushika huwezi toboa. Simple disease ndio huua waafrika.

Our peak will be in July. That is when will know what hell could be like.

We condemn and rebuke that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ!