Italy: 602 dead today

USA infections is growing significantly[ATTACH=full]293395[/ATTACH]

wtf?? is this race going extinct?

The outbreak just started in the US. So it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. But looks like Italy is improving.

Italy mortality rate is above 10% wtf

That’s not the mortality rate. We only know the number that died. But several millions were not tested so we can’t tell how many positive. Many don’t show symptoms or have mild symptoms.

what is this war??


Italy and Spain dropping like flies. Maisha ya dining out, bar hopping, partying all day and night, relaxing on the beach has really cost them.

Even the deaths are un-authenticated. A ‘coronavirus death’ would be where someone was healthy, got infected with the virus, then actually died from the subsequent illness.

Socioeconomic Meltdown