Italians m***bwa sana,. Shindwe roho chafu!!!

Lorenza PENSA
An unprecedented court case gets under way this Tuesday in the Italian capital Rome. Two Italian officers – one from the Italian navy and the other from the coastguard – are accused of manslaughter and of failure to assist a person in danger. On October 11, 2013, a boat carrying mostly Syrian asylum seekers sank in the Mediterranean. Among the 268 people who drowned were at least 60 children. Survivors accuse the Italian authorities of failing to provide prompt assistance, despite numerous distress calls. FRANCE 24’s Natalia Mendoza and her team investigate.

Those same European wazungus + satanyahu were trying to destabilise Syria by funding Isis. Putin saved Syria

Hao thousands of blacks wenye wamekufa mbona hakuna case imewahi launchiwa? Lakini boat moja ya Syrians inasink halafu kila mtu anakimbia kwa korti? Enyewe African lives mean nothing in this world.

They Ware told to call Malta, when their ship was sinking banae…mafia Ni meffi…but Ferrari iko yuu

It’s a sad loss of life especially the innocent children…BUT who told the adults to get on that boat? They should have followed the legal channels for seeking asylum. Even better, don’t screw up your country then force other countries to take you in!

The story is that the boat was doing alright until it was attacked by some Libyan thugs. The images shown on the Internet are the ones taken, I don’t know by who, when all aboard scrambled to and crowded the deck to escape the water below before the boat capsized. And I believe those parents would have readily taken a better option for the kids if they had any. Perhaps this was the only one available to them to escape the madness in Syria.

USA ndio imescrew up Middle East