Itakuwaje sasa

My friend just made my neighbour pregnant. The guy is around 24 yrs, the neighbour’s wife around 27 years and her husband around 30 years. The problem is, huyu wife wa neiba amekataa kutoa ball saying she cant risk her life. Even worse, hajazalia husband yake, it will be her first child. My friend is not interested in her anymore. What are the options? Kuhama immediately itabidi

Baba lea mtoto wako…

Bibi ya neiba ameambia my friend asijali juu husband yake atalea mtoto tu bila kususpect anything.

Photo ya huyo wife

Photo utangoja brathe

Mbona mtoto wako alelewe na mtu mwingine?

isnt this mere speculation, how have the three of you come to the conclusion that the baby’s father is your friend and not the neighbours’ husband, the baby has not been born yet for you to do a DNA test or find the baby has a striking resemblance to your friend.

unless the neighbour and the husband have not been having sex then this is pure speculation na vitisho, unless the three of you have x-ray eyes and you can already see the resemblance between friend and baby while the latter is still in the womb

ukitaka majibu sahihi, peleka hi stori “Kilimani mums”

Thank me later

Her husband has not been home since her last period…her last period was 1.5 months ago. Her period is about two-three weeks late. Ni wale mabwana wa kuenda Dubai wanatuma pesa tu.

Ukija clinic leta shida zako hapana leta za rafiki… bure kabisa!
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Basi dame ahamie Garden estate mapema. hio estate ishaharibu jina, asiharibie ingine :smiley:

Hahaha. Waende test. If its not over 3 months wakatoe in a good hospital.He should convince her to terminate. If she carries it to term the husband’s name shall be on the Birth Certificate and he will support. She will not put his name on birth certificate because its evidence of adultery. She can claim premature birth and hoodwink hubby.If she delivers and the husband leaves her she will be a burden on your friend for a long time. How much does the lady earn compared to your pal,how old is she and which tribe is she so we can know her socialization.

Periods delay for many reasons…pregnancy being one of them…ama huyo mama amefeel mtoto akikick?

I always feel sorry for the baby when two stupid people make one. A wife cheats and falls pregnant, can it get any dumber?

in some pub kuna ndume inaring vie bibi ako na ball kumbe inaringia mtoto wa mtu

Kwani husband sio suspicious???if it were someone whose good at simple mathematics angekuwa amekata kichwa ya mtu by now

Your friend ni peasanto hawezi afford pregnancy kit aweke hi story to rest, and even then, a friend who goes around fucking peoples wives is not a safe company. Black list him from your circle of friend otherwise he will ruin your life, just wait for the neighbour to discover striking resemblance of the child and your pal, you will be one of the witnesses to help with investigation into a love triangle gone sour. And by the way is your neighbourhood in Embakasi?

Telling it like it is… Zero chills.

After carefully weighing numerous options I fear you and your friend have only one thing you can do for the sake of all. Get castrated move to a plc far far far away from mankind and live happily ever after.