Itabidi Citizen tv wamelipia blue tick :)






:D:Dthey could sue for impersonation… [SIZE=1]wakuje chambers tukamue hao vizuri[/SIZE]

Hii lazima Musk ametuma contingent mzito kuharibu hewa.

Na huyo Jamaa akilipia blue tick ya citizen TV. Si atapewa

Ati forehead surgery :D:D:D


Labda ule jamaa was 150 amewai salimiana na CiC


Wote watapata. Shida ni huyo jamaa anatrend more than original citizen tv:D

This is how the internet should be; free for all.

He/She will be nabbed soon

Degree muhimu sana


:D:D:D walipe

Citizen mharo news beaten in their gutter press



They can pleaded parody account… Ideally the’ve set up the account for comic purposes as opposed to spreading miss-information :information_source:… And they would be out clean…

This could happen… Then sell them back the account at ksh. 3,000,000…negotiable…

But just make sure ume lipia for 1 year twitter blue.

the moneys are earned the longer the concert continues… not a factor:D:D

:D:D:D wange andika Winnie and Charlene spotted in Sophia joy