It wasn't the wind folks.

@Mangele @Abba





Now you have some good fodder to wank with.


:D:D si nilikuambia hutafikisha friday.

Sucks to be you.

I am not praising Biden. I am just sad for you. Biden lives rent free in your small cranium.

Hata Friday haikufika. Ni jana tu ulikuwa za fvuk America. :D:D

You njaruos or Nyanza basin folks are so predictable.

Another njaruo who calls Biden semeji.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Thats it.Nice try … tho’

It also means you support the DNC ga.y agenda and ab.ortion.

16 million black babies aborted courtesy of your party.

old man trips on stairs…right wing extremists


Wamalizwe kapsaa … there is no shortage of black babies … Africa we popping em’ out kaa panya.

Halafu nitakuona kwingine ukinyamba ati Trump killed 400,000 through covid yet here you are applauding 16 million dead babies.

Negro babies are a nuisance.

In another thread I will find you preaching about African inferiority complex yet here you are applauding 16 million massacred black babies.

Name one economy on planet earth that became a super power without the numbers.

Japan’s economy is sliding because of infertility. It is the people who create the wealth. They are the customers.

Wacha Ku catch … We both know negro babies contribute fuk all to the economy. African Migrants maybe… So just shut up

@mugwanjira what do you think of this comment from your fellow Democrat?

Like I said, Democrats, BLM are all fake idiots. Case in point.