It wasn’t just Sarah Cohen, Judge Kantai slept with many other women, his driver tells court

Two years ago, Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti revealed that they wanted to charge Court of Appeal Judge Sankale Ole Kantai with murder in the murder trial of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen.

This is after the DCI sleuths uncovered the judge’s communication with Tob’s widow, Sarah Cohen.

“We are charging him with murder. We have established a prema facie case and we are sure it can stand in court,” Kinoti told Daily Nation.

“For a murder charge, what to look for is whether there is a motive and in this case, there was a motive by the judge,” he added.

The DCI found Kantai having a case to answer after unearthing a trail of intimate text messages between the judge and Sarah Cohen, a key suspect in the murder case. In the texts, the DCI said Sarah could refer to Kantai as ‘love”.

The investigators also established that Kantai had paid for Sarah’s plane ticket from Nairobi to join him in Kisumu in what is suspected to have been an escapade during which they spent a night in room 405 at the Acacia Primier Hotel.

In an application, Kantai’s driver Jackson Lutoma Masista revealed that the judge might have not just had escapades with Sarah Cohen alone but also several other unknown women.

According to the affidavit filed in the case where Kantai is challenging his prosecution over Cohen’s murder, Lutoma recalled his memorable experience while working with the judge.

He revealed Kantai’s numerous interactions and escapades with several women including the married one.

Lutoma, who was Kantai’s driver for three years, told the court that during his time with the accused, he was tasked with picking and dropping female acquittances whom the judge never formally introduced to him.

“Though l cannot vividly recall the dates and specific times. I recall that at some point, we spent three nights out with the judge and his female acquittance at Amboseli National Park,” Lutoma said.

He also revealed another occasion where he drove Justice Sankale and another different woman to Panari Hotel in Nyahururu where they spent two nights.

“I verily recall my last experience with the judge and another woman from Migori county whom l picked from Queen Barclays Bank in Nairobi and dropped her and the judge to Migori. As we travelled to Migori, they were exchanging pleasantries from the back seat,” he told the court.

Adding: “On arrival at the lady’s home in Migori county the judge and the lady proceeded inside the house. After a while, l was informed that there was a group of individuals outside the house who wanted to ambush the judge accusing him of sleeping with another man’s wife.”

He told the court that it was him who rescued Judge Kantai from the angry crowd who wanted to lynch him.

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The judge is certainly not a Talker… How do you get into a woman’s house whose rent you do not pay?

Kantai is a real villager, you should use your money and power to f**k as many women as possible.

Kantai is an indisciplined immoral person . he has brought the judiciary into disrepute . he does not deserve to be in that office same applies to Chitembwe, Muchelule and others . Maraga and Mwilu used to be bribed to defend these thugs masquerading as Judges . Uhuru gets first hand NIS info on these thugs thats why he put his feet down and refused part of the list.

its high time CJ Koome weeded out corrupt judicial officers .

The kadinya will get a clean bill of health. The judiciary is thick like thieves, they protect their own.

The question is, how would he benefit from Cohens murder. He kulad other women, but didn’t kill their boyfriends/husbands.

I agree with you, but partly so! Uhuru never refused to approve the list of judges because they were immoral but because they held positions that did not support his dreams! If it were not so, he would have instituted a tribunal to get them dismissed… there are too many wheeler dealer judges today and they will be there forever since they do not interfere with the power that be… Jumaa is one of them and nothing much has ever happened and it had to take Sonko’s vengefulness to shake him… there are too many corrupt and immoral ones in the judiciary… take this to the bank…

Morals shouldn’t be used to judge one’s disposition of professional duties. That’s because what’s immoral to you, isn’t to another. But corrupt judges should be a no-no.

I can think of $everal million rea$on$.

Moral of the story, vet your driver like your life depended on it. Snitches deserve stitches.

That is truly debatable and the fact is that unless the president tabled the facts and dealt with the corrupt judges how the law defines it, we are left with no option than to assume that this was motivated by politics only… It would have been good to see the same judges put through a tribunal at the barest minimum

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I have never accepted a driver allocated to me. I use pool drivers for this same reason

I think it’s a legal defensive ploy. The drivers’ job is to go in there and reveal that he has many other women. So there’s no reason why he would singularly kill Cohen. It dilutes the Cohen effect.

In most cases, especially those allocated to senior civil servants are usually not just “drivers”

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First , go and aquire the relevant Strategy , Mindset and Skills …


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They are police in civilian

True! Seconded armed cops who will be redeployed back to the force at the end of their assignment… or when the state decides to redeploy them…