It’s getting shittier @simiyu22

Very soon this 200yr old relic will throw in the towel.

Latest: A congressman from Texas amesema imetosha. Huyu ancestor should handover the baton

Four more years indeed.

Four more years of this?


Why are kenyans so invested in world politics. Mara ni biden, sijui ule muindi wa uk, sijui mambo za zuma, traore. When do you niggas ever rest


Rest na mamako. Huoni world politics affecting our local lives? Funguka akili bonobo

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You’re already ignorant on local politics. Kazana na kitu unaeza fikia kama kundule


Bernie Sanders is likely going to be the candidate they pick after he’s convinced to drop his bid for Senate.

Mail in votes tuko ngangari. @WasikA


Naaah! Not ignorant. I already told you the march to statehouse ilikua ndoto ya mchana. Wasn’t I right? Jambas anatoka 2032 August.

Meanwhile, Trump anabeba hii kitu saa mbili asubuhi.

Lastly, musito Putin the grandmaster of 3D chess will annex Odessa and all territory east of the Dnipro river(on top of Crimea) when Ukraine finally surrenders


Nah, either Kamala or California governor.

That’s true. Much as they could, they can’t afford to swap out one Guka for another right now. That Newsom guy is the one likely to get the nod as Kamala isn’t very popular and/or is somewhat hated chini ya maji for some reason.

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I didn’t see ya raising this when pro bidenits akina @Simiyu22 were jizzing all over the place when they won a few years ago.

@kipuke and @WasikA watch CNN all day.

@Simiyu22 what is happening? I thought you were confident with guka biden. Your beloved CNN imemruka bana :green_emoji:

Mukasa, which MSM will you turn to now ukiwa hapo Joska leafy kichaka? Qanon? Fox News?
The Economist?

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It’s a setup. You @WasikA foxnews crew fell for the trap.