It’s a funny world, a old senile man beats you at the ballot, plus you end up in jail

Trumps henchman, Giuliani, is a former prosecutor. Kusema ukweli he really cleaned up NewYork city. Up until the 1990s, ilikua imejaa wezi na ma thegi. Yaani pickpockets galore. Ulikua Unaingia train mikono mifukoni.

But ndio huyu amewekwa korokoroni.
But how things change.

They hit you with the Rico, repossess your vehicle, everything was all good just a week ago.

Cc: @Micymas

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Kesho ndiyo sherehe…oops leo baadaye…mwizi wa Kura DT on Jan 6 kama Ojinga at Bomas atajipeleka ndani…254 we need to reach this level of accountability…fans wa DT Wako na automatic rifles…wa Ojinga ni mawe…criminals of democracy must face the law for democracy to survive…

Will DT smile or not, will he weigh 300 lbs, is he 5 ft bila pumps…lolest…wig watatoa? :smiley: I have placed my bet tonight :smiley:

Buddha the wise says all evil you do will come BK at you :smiley:


Damn, and the man was touted as a hero for managing NYC during the 911 crisis


The Kenyan ambassador in the US should condemn the govt for using the judiciary to fight 2024 political battles. He should remind the US to uphold democracy and political competition. Jailing of political opponents should only happen in banana republics.

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Hehe, dream on buddy, no one can listen to your envoy on such matters. But honestly it’s disappointing and kinda sad to see a guy like Giuliani go to jail, coz he did a lot for his country.

Naskia Guiliani went to ask Trump for some money, since he is broke. Trump aka sema hana. But akaambiwa asipomsaidia, Guiliani might flip to the Feds. Then he would really be fucked up. So he got scared and organized a fundraiser today for him. $100k a person to attend.

Lakini you ask yourself, mbona wanaogopa jela hivi?

Akijaribu hio ,atanyongwa na jambazi sugu kutoka sukoi or awekewe ukimwi kwa chai na USA democrats