It is what it is

Ruto is the president.

We’ll see how life goes. If the level of corruption will be high and mostly worryingly a ruthlessly impunitive government, then we’ll be fucked up.

I hope Raila will accept defeat and hand over the power peacefully. The people decided, let them have what they asked for. I hope he can retire from politics so the people can be screwed properly. People have gotten used to blaming him. I just hope he will be wise enough to retire.

Cant imagine slayqueen joho akiwa cs lands.

iyo shamba ya langata primary

By September itakua ya chief looter.

Raila ain’t handing shiet!!!..Uhuru is required by the constitution to do so bila kiherehere ,that why there is an assumption of office committee to make sure if not…14days chebukati akitema or 7days after mujamaa akii enda kwa Supreme Court kutafuta vifaranga za komputa!

Sasa Tanzania/Ethiopia inaenda kukuwa East Africa’s wealthiest nation. Watu waku ‘punish Uhuru’ wametuchagulia economic noose yetu size msoori ya colour yellow and scenic cliff to jump off from. Itakuwa a fun ride to the bottom.

Those two countries have many problems too. They’re not perfect, they’ve a lot of censorship that limits negative information

China too has censorship

Let’s not be presumptuous. The battle for the soul of the country hasn’t even hit top gear yet.

Raila is a dedicated communist; a system millions of times worse than the Moi regime which we loathed. His worshipping followers will make everything worse. Kama rent watakataa kulipa. We’re better off with Ruto. Provided he allows for economic freedom which Uhuru has completely squashed, the ordinary hustler will see progress.

What do you know that we don’t…your insights before on JSKS were spot on…give us a hint or give me a hint