It is true Nancy Pelosi's laptop was stolen on January 6.

[SIZE=5]It is now confirmed. The drama continues.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Why do they want it back so badly? Who were those guys taking photos inside the building ??? Why was Pelosi so angry with the protestors???[/SIZE]



[SIZE=5]And for the doubting Thomas’s who only believe the leftist fake news media ndio hio link yenu :[/SIZE]

Maybe she had Tb of Osha mechos in it…

With her chewing on black cocks n shit. :smiley:

She looks the type. But there is more to this thing. There were so many military personnel amongst that group.

Hii pengine uwaulize ukweli ni hao wenyewe wako nayo

Thereust have been ‘evidence’ in that laptop of her sucking a dick somewhere in classified bunker, blackmail manenoz.
Patricia mukami unapeda siasa za America ,don’t you realise we are in kenyatalk not americatalk?

Mueni niache. Skiza lenge bila kusumbua.