It is true Colonialists often bring some necessary changes.

If Spain hadn’t gone to Mexico there would be no weak Indian tribe alive today. Wangechinjwa wote apocalypto style.

Similarly most of your Kenyan ancestors would’ve died from starvation a century ago. The famine in the 1880s, 1890s hit East Africa hard. Kamzungu kalikuja on time.


Colonialists saved African lives. Tunge kufa si wote na malaria, small pox na polio

One thing most Africans often ignore is the mortality rate during child birth. Mzungu alisaidia sana hio sector ya mimba. Women used to die like locusts while giving birth.

Most African men had several wives because a few of them would die giving birth or suffer fistula for life. Jomo Kenyatta himself lost a wife to this factor.

If Jomo’s 3rd wife had not died there would be no Uhuru Kenyatta.


Says the guy speaking Victorian English.

The Omusungu wanted to wipe out our ancestors but he has been very instrumental in helping us to combat infectious diseases and providing maternity services.