It Is time To Start KILLING NIGERIANS In Kenya

Enough is ENOUGH. Round them up and BURN THEM ALIVE.

Can Nigerians do this Sh!t in South Africa or Sudan?

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Kenyans are civilised, they respect the law and human rights based on wazungus blueprint. Twangoja tusifiwe.

Kwangu ni tit for tat, hakuna kubembeleza punda kwa mteremko.


You now not being serious

Nigerian men lives matter

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The lives of our sluts and carwash boys killed by the Nigerian thugs matter even more . Fools like you are the ones who let a country go to the dogs without a fight

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South Africans are only courageous when it comes to zimbabweans and somalis…they dont touch Nigerians

Kauze mkundu Lagos mbwa wewe

sawa nincompoop