It Is Time To Kick Out NIgerians From Kenyan Soil Like They Did In South Africa

The mofos have taken over Thika Road with their drug trade and now they might soon venture into Human Organ trade.

In South Africa walitumiliwa back in 2014 and again in 2018


Nabii’s daughter is married to a Nigerian. The naijas think we are related.


mtapiga wakikuyu saa ngapi kwa tuduka twao twa maplastics na masimu na mitumba na mbakishe time ya manaijeria

Skia jinga typing from his mothers bedroom


Naskia huyo DEXTER wa kasarani ni mu NigeriamuSomali. Yafaa tuhamishe via lynching these two feral nationalities


Wacha ndoto…when did south africa kick out ogas?

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Somalis belong here

Hakuna mahali tutapeleka oga but sioni shida wakiharvest organ za Srayqueens coz economically they are useless Tu kama nyani fulani

Naona Malaya kwa teevee saying vile she can be taught nothing about safety

I pity anyone feeling pity for these whore .
A proper woman like our wives , Rachel , ngina et.c dated proper men within their homes and tribes . Even if they are beaten it’s displinary not to kill

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Hiyo teefee ni ndogo sana

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@PERDITION ni mkamba homosexual mjinga illiterate paperweight maskini mtoto wa malaya

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Bora si ya wizi ,

Can’t you see that you’re being manipulated? Mentally, emotionally? Being manipulated to act and think a certain way towards these people? These are the End Times and you need to realize that there’s a very powerful, evil spirit of hate going around, which comes from the Abyss. Satan is looking for fertile ground in order to breed conflict. But he’s been exposed!
Now because of some unfortunate events which have happened between Nigerians and Kenyan women, your solution is to kick out ALL Nigerians out of Kenya? How extreme! Remember in these End Times, the Bible predicts that nation will rise against nation, people will hate each other like never before, kingdom against kingdom and so forth. Once you wake up to the fact that this whole charade is pure manipulation, the ONLY way to escape the snare is by responding with PERFECT LOVE!

Francis Gaitho amesema hii si poa and i agree with him wakiwa within na proper papers na work ni sawa truthwatchdog ameongelea mbona wamekataa papers zetu but wanakuja huku

Such low IQ ranting from a madman pressed by economy were left to your likes sir and colleagues kina @johntez_addi_gaza_ms
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