It is Officially Dynasty Vs Paupers

Thieving families of Kenyatta, Odinga are worried that handing over power to little known persons from peasant background will spell doom to their ill gotten wealth.

[SIZE=7]Kenyatta Family ni WEZI.[/SIZE][SIZE=4] They have monopolized Milk and Aviation in Kenya and made them private property. They stole Water from Murang’a to channel it to their private city near Thika Road. Fvck Kenyatta, mimi ni Kikuyu but to hell with these sh!tholes[/SIZE]

These dynasties should be sent to hell. We should even invade their property and take away what they have stolen from us.

That day will come, don’t be in hurry.Even Mobutu was where they are right now.


You 2 chiefs @ChifuMbitika & @Chiefkiumbe, you keep confusing me. Inakaa monologue mki reply in the same thread…:D:D:D

We are one and the same but also different handles.

Hio siku ikifika nitakua na TOJ!

Uki vote Mara mbili haukuwa unajua

Arror ako na Dawa yao, dose ile mzuri. Its a matter of when, not if. Wameze, wateme…shauri zao

hapa nitakua mstari wa mbele to make sure kina ngina wamekula risasi na Kina Gechaga nime wagonga machete

Mimi nataka Tu ninyakue mashamba

shit!!hii ndio argument nilikua nayo Nairobi west na wadau kwa Wines. he people are asking for a revolution and whatever, but after the revolution has subsided what will be the next course of action? we don’t seem to have an idea.Unaona pia wewe una dai a pound of flesh by doing exactly what we will be fighting for.

That’s the same thinking that drove guys in 2007
Meanwhile that guy in mukuru / kibera has similar plans for you. . . SMH

But we should avenge against these demagogues even without considering the ramifications. Retaliation first!

Everyone want’s to be president for no reason at all. Kweli wajinga ni wengi

Habari ya Narok msee?

After revolution we elect miguna miguna for a new beginning.
He is more visionary kushinda Konyagi n team


You don’t have to pronounce your Kikuyuness …
A tiger does not pronounce its tigritude, IT POUNCES!

Arap Kimwarer is in the same mix … they should all go!
If you were to calculate Arap Kimwarer’s velocity and the subsequent acceleration from Ksh0 to the Billions he currently owns, you would disembark from earth out of shock.