My friend says our education system sucks, that it should be changed. Well, sadly, I don’t think changing it is the solution. Rather, a little readjustment. Here are my recommendations.

  1. Increase Teacher to pupil ratio. Reduces load of work, each pupil gets more deserved and required attention
  2. SCRAP OUT entry/elimination exams: KCSE, KCPE, Class Progression Exams etc. Instead, continuous assessment should be done. Co curricular activities should be given more than 30% course work, and should also be assessed. Projects and Life skills should get at least 20%, Hence, 25% life skills based education and projects, 30% on co-curricular activities and 45% education and class assessments.
  3. Simplify the current curriculum while maintaining the key components. It is a good curriculum, but too heavy and theoretical. Make it practical (refer to 2 on projects and life skills)
  4. Regular refresher courses for teachers and motivation to enhance Delivery and production of all round students.
  5. Reduce time spent in schools, increase time in the field. This includes reporting time to schools.
  6. Equal distribution of resources and best performing teachers to all schools

These recommendations follow yesterday’s argument


our education system is very okay

KCPE should be done away with. We dont need a national exam at that level. Keep KCSE though

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Kcpe has never helped me in life…nikipata 324 but nikaenda national school so apo kuna shida

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Jubilee’s laptops will change all that.


Kivipi? I scored higher lakini nilienda provincial school that is now a national school - fees trippled. Mzazi alikonda sura.

I agree with those who say KCPE is useless. I never went back for my cert. Hell, I never even went back for my high school cert and no one has ever asked me.


Well…mlango ya nyuma…if yu just make to campus na utunie mwakenya you ve just made it. Watu watakuona ww ni shujaaa lakin in real sense ni karatasi tuu

Basi wewe ni mzee… While registering for KCSE one requirement ilikuwa that you must provide a copy of your KCPE certificate

KCSE nilifanya 2005. Yep mi ni mzee. Hatukuulizwa any KCPE cert. Na wale wametoka Uganda wakajoin high school ya Kenya wataonyesha nini?

I am sure Matiang’i and other education honchos will read this

:D:D Saa zingine chezea chini Mr. Nyani.

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Scrapping the National exams should be the last thing. Though they should also include other assessment within the course of the various stages. Exams make student read… and in the process of reading you get knowledge. If you failed you should not blame the system, blame yourself.



After scrapping out Entry exams…what next?? The rich ndio watakuwa wanapeleka watoto to the best schools pekee since intake won’t be based on merit. This won’t happen.


Kweli kabisa.

But even if you are poor you still have to pay fees at those schools…the same fee a billionaires kid will pay whether he gets in on merit or not. Merit means nothing when it comes to the running of the school.

KCPE is too much pressure for a kid at that age. How fair is it that one set of exams you sit at age 13/14 can fuck up your life? That kind of life altering thing should be handled by someone more mature who understands the stakes better. So keep KCSE since its the entry into University.

In academics merit will always be the determinant. Let those who perform well be awarded accordingly, it motivates students to study. If we scrap this it will kill the morale of the students. They will not see the need of working hard because they can get the same equal opportunity with those who did exemplary well.


False. Before upeleke mtoto awe admitted to an Institution kuna so many logistics involved before tufike kwa fees. In this case itakuwa first come, first serve basis. You expect mtoto ametoka Garissa kusoma Alliance in this situation where principals will be dishing out admissions to the highest bidder? Na hii corruption ya Kenya hio system mnataka ni ndoto.

Picture this, one slot remaining in a National school, a VIP arrives on a Range Rover at the same time with a peasant trying to secure admission for their sons. Who is more likely to get the admission?