It Is Naivas' Time To Lead The Pack Before It Collapses Like The Rest

There was something about the Nakumatt brand that Naivas or any other supermarket for that matter will never achieve.

Perception and positioning

I avoid engaging coz i know you are stupid than me

It actually does! Economists refer to it as the economies of scale.

The stores will cannibalize each other…theres a particular one in roysambu manze tellers huaga wamekaa ndeee nothing happens there …that I’m sure will be the first to close

Wale wa soko kujeni hapa, mimi sijai kanyaga Naivas hata, nakuaga na negative energy towards it

some are used as money laundering fronts.
others are time-wasting ventures for the owners. instead of idling at home, fungua store you will run or pop up sometimes to see what’s going on.
so be very careful when you see people opening similar stores next to each other. utachomeka peke yako.


True true… Hizi ndo hua wanaandika fake receipts for ‘sales’ yet hawana ata inventory… Sort of like opening the register dumping bills hapo na kufunga na kutoa bill of goods… Revenues in low millions na duka ni kadogo, in a poor location and with average or low quality ‘for show’ stock

Petrol stations are very different. There is always a demand for one especially in urban areas.

sure they are many but capital outlay of a supermarket are very much different, even overheads you can’t compare the two, most hardware’s are basically retail stores, nikama tu most motorcycles parts stores, very few can match capital and overhead outlays of a supermarket.