It Is Naivas' Time To Lead The Pack Before It Collapses Like The Rest

This is the usual thing in Kenya. Nakumat, Uchumi, Tuskys and countless other smaller retailers have gone under under Kenya’s unforgiving business environment. Right now its Naivas’ time flourish before its downfall follows soon

Negative energy

Very negative.

Naivas iko stable,it is not a family biz anymore.

Naivas is keen to avoid mistakes done by others…
That’s why it has invited expert investors.

But wakuwe wapole na expansion strategy yao. Naona wako na mioto sana trying to outdo Quickmart. Having many branches does not translate to profits.

I watched the tragedy of Tuskys yesterday on some tv. It was a tragic story since the day it was set up in Rongai.
An illiterate fellow making lots of money and making unplanned expansion.
The spoilt brats took over after his demise.
Then they started stealing fron each other and worse employed a super thug as MD, who later employed his buddy as the FC.
Wakaanza wizi.
Supplying air using proxies(including the MYKs) and being paid in advance.
Kaa Dan Githua na his FC Dan Ndirangu hawakuomoka na Tuskys, then they will never omoka.
But they will probably end up in jail nevertheless…

Isn’t it 70% family owned?

Nothing wrong with someone eating his own money or his dad’s money.

Joram Kamau must be turning in his grave feeling disappointed, you lay the foundation but your kids end up soiling it.

I don’t know the ownership % but the fact remains that they have to involve their partner when making crucial decision

Willy kimani, their CEO, is also a very able leader

jail where? in kenya? ever seen a corporate thug in jail in kenya? hata that lady who stole 35m from a petrol station was hailed as a very hardworking woman years later after the heist.

are you sure they involve them? 70% means you effectively control the direction. they can easily shaft them. But we wish them the best , it is the only large indigenous retail remaining standing>. Quickmart will follow tuskys very soon, those angel investors from Mauritius are just local politicians who’s tap will dry when ruto becomes CIC. they are opening too many branches some very close to one another, soon they;ll reach a scenario were 10 branches are supporting the rest.

Hata petrol stations ni mingi kama duka za mpesa

The number of hardware stores is equally astounding. Some right next to each other though I am made to understand that they still make something.

ati Tuskys mabro wawili walichukua 1.6 billion na kuweka mfukoni na kukaa ngumu

Mismanagement is the cause of their downfall

Not how it works. For example even in the exchange the public owns 51% majority of listed companies. Yet they are not involved in crucial decisions? It’s a matter of courtesy when you are not the majority shareholder.

So Uchumi was family owned?