It is Moi who built the Thika highway

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Msiiiiito arap moi , these boys will never match the power wielded by that animal


I don’t know which company built the highway that has stood to the test of time. Although it is repaired once in a while, that road was built to last. It is one of the most solid roads in the country. Counting that it is also one of the busiest, even when repairs were sparse you hardly saw a pothole on it. Anywho, the super highway should have been done during M01s era too if he had the foresight. By now super highway ingekua imefika makutano. If the son of Kibaki hadn’t build the superhighway, I think people and goods from central and northern Kenya would need an allotment letter to get to Nairobi. Tungekua tuna apply kama passport