It is Impossible to Hide the Truth






So why can’t DCI arrest her now that they know her whereabouts?
Is she the one in the news for killing a police officer in kasarani?

Why is everyone talking about why can’t DCI arrest her?
I don’t think she has many days left especially after she has been pinged to be in Kisii.

disiyai mme investigate, prosecuted sasa imebaki execution from team building guys.

So he took a selfie with a professional client?

Citizen Tv is saying she was a downtowm Lanye at the side while DCI during the day. Hao ni kina nani mna tomba downtown?

Momanyi anakaa fala flani tu

wasee wakutomba singo madha na kuingia Karura muko mashakani

Wueh…Kenyans are better at investigation than the DCI.

Hiyo jamaa alienda job professionally na hiyo collar ?