It is good to once in a while to step out of your circle and compare notes-You may not be that good after all

Well being an Accountant I work with excel every day, at one time I thought I was pretty savy since I was the best in an office I had worked for almost 5 years until I moved jobs three years ago. I met a guy who was actually younger than me and he taught me things in excel that I even never knew existed. It was a very humbling experience.

What did you think you were really good at until you stepped out of your circle of friends/colleagues?

Old head niaje. EACH day is a learning day. Take it from me. A- '94

Niaje @Bingwa

one should step out on any stagnating issue/comfort zone

[SIZE=1]mimi nime stagnate sana sijui niamue kaa mbaya mbaya[/SIZE]

hii nini?

Can I ask you something? It’s like you have some sort of arrested development. Did you ever further your education beyond high school? You do not see normal people with Masters or PhD’s bragging about their nursery school achievements. Bure kabisa.

Fuck you @gashwin you always up to spoil the day.

ni mwalimu anafanya correction

fock you too!:D:Dunaandikaje kama mtu alisomea bumula day?

I always thought that i was better at excel, now that i have always had two balls, till i saw your post:D:D:D

Nilisomea Bumula Day mkubwa.

Oh?, okay, pole. Nime-note kutoka leo nitakupatia free pass.


A- after repeating F4 for three years?

ofcos alisomea bumula day primary, bumula day secondary na bumula day accounting college

I always thought I was the best at shooting close range at my training ground, till I switched places to langata nikapata wazito huko…I coiled my tail

Haters mna uwivu. Mcoondu