IT Gurus....Which one please?


LENOVO, Non-Touch,Black/TEXTURE, 15.6 HD Flat with eDP (Slim 3.8mm) ,IntegrateGPU , Intel Graphics , i3-4005U, 4GDDRIII, 500G,5400rpm 9.5mm, DOS,ODD-Rambo,Non-Back Lit Keyboard,BlueTooth,DOLBY Advanced Audio, 1*USB3.0,HD


HP 250 Ci3-4005U / 15.6 HD SVA AG / 4GB 1D / 1TB / DOS 2.0 / DVD±RW /kbd TP / Ralink bgn 1x1+BT / N

Which one should I choose

This is basically the same comp with the 2nd having twice as much storage as the 1st. Na ujue zote mbili hazina windows.

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Sema tu unataka touch screen and backlit keyboard. Close your eyes and…

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zinauzwa mangapi hata mimi natafuta comp

40 & 42K respectively

Lenovo has been my choice from Laptop, Tablet, TV and Phone


Lenovo TV???:confused:

Kama venye @The.Black.Templar ameurisa…

HP has worse reviews than Lenovo on the internet…

I had a samsung tablet which i found shitty despite being a bit expensive at 59k in 2014. Went for a LENOVO tablet(A7600) at 29k and the experience is memorable. One of the best tabs i have used so far

You seem surprised, just google and you’ll be amazed with what LENOVO can offer.

:D:D:Dkwako ni wapi…nikuje weekend tuone io tv?

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Lenovo is good

Until they start installing [SIZE=5]:eek:malware:([/SIZE] in their products

Kuna msee alinisanya my hp laptop early this year.

mostly ni @snapdragon ama @Jirani

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both have same specs, hp has bigger hard drive:rolleyes:

some people are built with fast hands and sticky fingers