It Costs Less Than $15 To Make An iPhone In China & It's sold For $900 To Dense Apple Customers

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Sasa niuze iphone 15 yangu ama nini @Ndindu ?

You are a victim of Consumerism.

Does $1000 phone improve your life?

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Consumerism is the idea that increasing the consumption of goods and services purchased in the market is always a desirable goal, and that a person’s well-being and happiness depend fundamentally on obtaining consumer goods and material possessions.

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Am a victim na nimejikubali wacha ningangane nishike s class sasa


It’s called CAPITALISM:

Make what people WANT and sell at a price They WANT to pay.

Price in basic economics is determined by the point supply meets demand.


@Ndindu, what edge does an iPhone give you over the other phones, and what amount of research and innovation did some people have to give to achieve that?

It’s time you upgraded to the new S-Class - Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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As soon as i wanted to bash ‘iphone fools’ nikajiuliza ka iphone 14 costs $15 dollars to make what of my android ya 25k Shs?? Inauma :pensive:

I doubt it costs $15 to make an iphone. That some horseshit if I ever heard any. The main chip alone costs a minimum of $110 from TSMC. $15 is the assembly cost. That’s how much each worker makes to simply glue together the parts

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acha story za jaba msee. apple has too many parts to cost a mere $15 to make. nothing phone ceo said that it cost an estimated $470 to make an iphone. the $15 you are talking about is what the worker is paid to assemble the phone.


Iphone 15 inatosholeza mimi hii s class ndio najaribu

He’s talking of the labor…not the components.Kizungu ni ngumu kwake… :smiley:

Na iPhone ujue bado ni takataka iko na Locked Bootloader, ni Non-user serviceable na only recently started using USB Type C.

An iPhone has 100 components, made by 20 manufacturers, so you want to tell me all that costs $15

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kiherehere ya chifu bonobo @ndindu ku post upusu ndio aonekane mjanjes


Apple is a Design Company. They do not place their focus on manufacturing, but rather on R&D and other hidden costs attached to most innovations. Apple applies for thousands of patents each year, and their technology does not come out of the blues as you may imagine.

Since we are talking about idiots, I’ll categorize you in the same bracket (arguing without all facts) with the “overpaying dense customers”.

Its a lie. $10 ni cost ya cover tu. Usibebwe ufala pia nyinyi. Huyo msee hapo ni motivation speaker. Wale watu wa I started a restaurant with 5 bob

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Even assembling an iphone does not cost $15. There is cost of electricity to solder the components using machines and maintenance of components plus also manual labour.

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People buy iphones for the same reason they buy german vehicles. It’s a status symbol.

I have no problem with people who buy iphones, german machines, and business class plane tickets if they can afford them.

Make sure hunuki jasho kwanza. And have new clothes and a fresh trim.

Something mjengo man does better than u. Anoga vizuri. Anangara na nguo za mia mbili zimepigwa pasi. Na good shave.

Also he wakes up ealier has more discipline muscles strength speed religious na ni family man.

Kaa na sclass yako huezi ata contain mnyambo.

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