Isuzu mu-X

Any experience with this car?
How does it compare to the other SUV alternatives? [ATTACH=full]392346[/ATTACH]

There isn’t much experience with this car… yet …most on the road are parastatal owned na hunisumbua sana overtaking me kila saa …I’d advice caution, given that it’s an Isuzu and tougher have very ugly engine sounds after few years of ownership

Best value for money pick up based SUV ,it ain’t cheap to buy but it’s worth it ,weka 8 million shillings tayari.

very ugly engine sounds?

TFR… very loud

6.7M 2021 model

Na je nissan magnite ni ngapi?

There is no point buying brand new car in kenya. in 3 years it will be beatup just like the rest 7 year olds. Its not even worth the money most of it is taxes. In the country of origin its probably half the cost. With that money buy a bigger offroad capable ex japan vehicle.

The state of our roads na vumbi work against cars, in a drastic manner. They are designed for the western environment.

So tutumie punda ama?

This is a stupid thought

I agree

It’s a D-Max double cabin

the same with Toyota hilux double cab and Toyota fortuner


Mu-x is one of the cars I dream of owning one day. I prefer reliability and longevity over looks & status when it comes to cars. With that said, 70 series land cruiser ndio perfect car for Kenyan roads imho