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Watch it before the Zionists who control world media take it down. After this, go to torrent sites and download a banned documentary, “We need to talk about the Jews”. Fantastic stuff. If a people can use the bible that they do not even believe in to steal a whole country, then I’m feeling very inspired. I know what I’ll do. I’ll look for one of those history books that say kyuks originally came from central Africa. With this watertight evidence, I’ll then travel to DRC and claim my “homeland”. Basically tell those pesky, annoying Congolese to fuck off. After all, there are so many other countries they can move to, who says they have to live in the Congo? After this I’ll invite as many kikuyus as possible, including some with American accents to come back “home” and rebuild a kikuyu homeland. Yep, it’s a plan y’all.

That would be in Kenya but we were lucky, in the early 1900’s even before the holocaust had occurred the British empire in agreement with other European countries were considering resettling the jews in uasin gishu but they abandoned that plan because the land was too hostile for human habitation

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[SIZE=6]Before Israel, Jews considered settling in western Kenya[/SIZE]

This picture dated May 1941 shows foreign Jews, especially Polish Jews, get off the train in Pithiviers, France. More than 3,000 Jews where arrested by the Paris police and imprisoned in the transit camps of Pithiviers. Inset, British East Africa Protectorate. PHOTOS | AFP | FILE
In Summary
[li]In 1899, the first Jew, J. Marcus, arrived in Nairobi from India. An entrepreneur, he began to export local produce, mostly potatoes. Two years later, the Jewish population in Nairobi doubled when M. Harrtz arrived to open a tinsmith business. A handful more Jews began to trickle in and most took up farming.[/li][li]In 1905, a Zionist commission arrived in Kenya to investigate the possibility of a Jewish homeland in the Uasin Gishu Plateau. This plan is often misnamed ”The Uganda Plan” as the designated area had recently been removed from the Uganda Protectorate and incorporated into Kenya.[/li][li]The British settlers didn’t view the plan favourably. They were afraid of a mass invasion of poor Jewish immigrants.[/li][li]Two years later, the Zionist Congress rejected the Uganda Plan so as not to endanger the chance of acquiring a Jewish homeland in Palestine. But individual Jews continued to make Kenya their home.[/li]

In a little-known episode in East Africa’s history, advocates of a Jewish homeland decided 112 years ago to authorise an expedition to today’s Kenya in response to a British proposal to establish a “Jewish territory” on the Uasin Gishu Plateau… Before Israel, Jews considered settling in western Kenya - The East African

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Also around the same time south african boers were offered land in Uasin Gishu


In 1908 the governor of Kenya offered cheap farmland in Uasin Gishu to Afrikaners (Boers) in the Transvaal region of South Africa.

That summer 47 families loaded their wagons and oxen on a boat bound for the port of Mombasa.
From Mombasa the Boers also known as Kaburu in Kiswahili took the new Uganda Railway to Nakuru from where they set out by wagon train to the virgin Uasin Gishu Plateau.
They cleared pine trees and founded Eldoret which was also nicknamed " the little South Africa " .An Afrikaner cemetery was also constructed in the Town.
By 1940 thousands of Afrikaners were farming wheat in the rich Highlands of western Kenya
In mid 1950s when it became clear that black rule was inevitable most of them started fleeing back to South Africa .
The flight of Afrikaners from Eldoret was among the first of the white migrations from black Africa at the close of colonial era. Like whites in Zimbabwe in 1970s ,the Boers of Kenya could not bear the possibility of black rule .
Most of them had been drafted in the British Army to fight mau mau rebellion and therefore feared being victimised when blacks took over.
In 1987 only 2 Afrikaner families were still farming in Eldoret.



More links to such documentaries please? Thank you.

Nice to know man… interesting stuff.

a dutch reformed church mission still stands barely two kilometers from the eldoret city center on the eldoret kapsabet road.

This is neat stuff.umenupatia kazi mingi sasa ya ku hambua hio story yote.ferk these zionist scum

One of the two remaining Boer family sold his land to the DP in Ilula some few years back.
Back in history the locals believed that the Boers will be back since they had built permanent stone houses, they refused calls to buy the farm after the Boers fled. Which made the shiny eyes migrate enmass to the areas, as they held a different view.

Please, settle who were!!! What makes you think it would have been good for us? Had it happened we would have all been relocated to North Kenya under another form of apartheid with zero rights in our own country leaving the fertile lands for the British and jew settlers. Right now you would not be having this freedom, opportunity and means to type how you preferred a different class of colonization over the other.

It was deep in black africa…the land they now occupy is more hostile to humans than any land in Kenya

I hate zero-effort Ktalkers.

Good on you for seeing things as they are. Usually most people see Arab Muslims vs Israel and start supporting Zionists by default because they are the “chosen people if God”. Hakuna watu wabaya kama wayahudi, last I heard of them was a documentary where it was proven they were castrating Ethiopian Jews to limit black population in Israel.

This part is correct.
Who do you think formed the first community of Eldoret?
When Eldoret was a white town,Britons and Afrikanners lived seperately.North and South I believe.

Is nonsense.
Ethiopian women were given Contraceptives and it was compulsory.
Because they came from a part of Ethiopia where they had lived like it was still the 18th century and Israel was not interested in a segment of the population breeding like rats.
Yemeni Jews had it worse.Their children were often taken from them.
It was not an issue of racism but of containment.In fact Russian Jews almost went through the same but when their birth rate dropped precipitously from 1995 onwards,it was dropped
Given that 100% of Ethiopian Jewish women go through this program even today when they move from Ethiopia,then the Beta Israel community should be declining.It has grown from virtually none in 1983 to 120,000 and half the community was born in Israel.
The idea is for Jews to have a stable birth rate of around 2.5 to 3 children for Jews(preferably Secular Jews of all colors) to match the birth rate of Palestinians(Israeli Arab birth rate has dropped so they are not a threat).
The addition of Ethiopian Jews is not seen as an issue by Israelis.They do however face racism in many towns,but then again,all ethnic groups to Israel have faced this issue at some point.Up to 2005,Russian Jews(and there are a million of them)were facing a backlash over failing to learn Hebrew.
Before that it was Yemeni Jews who took a generation ti adjust as they were piss poor and had ZERO skills.As Ethiopian Jews(unlike African Americans in the US and their Haredi counterparts) join the millitary and gain skills and leave the welfare system,they will rise in Israeli society.It is already happening.

One day humanity will pay for the poor palestinian villagers that died in the night back in the 1940s.

Because we have paid for all the conquests that have resulted in the displacement of people since Homo Sapiens expanded out of Africa??

Probably hitter was trying to achieve something people couldn’t see… Or is it his actions that made the jews as they are currently…

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